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Lower Yukon School District
Waqaa - Welcome
Waqaa "A Warm Greeting in Yup'ik"
Welcome to LYSD (the Lower Yukon School District) and the Yukon Delta.  LYSD is designed to serve as a safe, educational center for lifelong learning. We are dedicated to developing the potential of each individual, encouraging community awareness, and stressing the importance of academic excellence.  

LYSD is located on the lower portion of the Yukon River just before it flows into the Bering Sea.  The Yukon River is one of the largest rivers in North America, has a flow greater than the Mississippi but is only spanned by a bridge once as it winds though some of Alaska's most remote regions.

Please explore our web site and begin to learn about a land, a culture and a school system unique to the world.  It is a sparsely populated land of vast expanse full of wonder.  It is a land of giant salmon, moose, fox, bear, lynx, beluga whales, and seal.  It is a land of tundra, northern lights, and midnight sun that is both barren and bountiful. It is the land of the Yupíik (the Real People), descendants of the first humans to come to North America.  Join us in an adventure that will be treasured for a lifetime.

"Children First"
Phone: 907-591-2411

Employment Information "NOW HIRING"

The following teaching/administrative positions are open for the 2014-2015 school year.  LYSD District Office will consider all current personnel's voluntary transfer requests first, so please see your Instructional Leaders for the paperwork.  All positions are open until filled.

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